Sundance Spa’s Certa

certa-sundance-hot-tub-big Certa-hot-tub

A Quality Spa

A quality spa means a quality experience. You get both with a Sundance Certa spa. Superior spa hydrotherapy starts with the soothing sight and sound of the AquaSheer waterfall. Then lean back. The Accu-Ssage spa therapy seat reaches the sensitive pressure points in your back, neck and shoulders with a customizable, adjustable-jet hydromassage. Listen to music while you relax. Built-in micro-speakers are part of the marine-grade SunSurround stereo option, which includes an MP3 jack, CD player, and AM/FM radio, too. No need to choose between great hydrotherapy and high performance when you’re shopping for a hot tub. Choose a Sundance Certa spa and get it all.

Spa Highlights:

Hot_tub-Lounge-SeatFull-Body Lounge

  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable massage
  • Shoulder, neck, back, calf and foot jets provide overall hydrotherapy
  • Operate massage controls without leaving your seat

jet-hot-tubSMT™ Micro Adjustable Jet

  • Soothing Muscle Therapy (SMT) jets offer a refined massage
  • Ideal for easing tension in neck area
  • Adjustable for customized massage comfort

light-ringsLED Light Rings

  • Light surrounds the air control dials
  • Added convenience as well as ambiance
  • Colored lights synchronize with other lights in the spa