Sundance Spa’s Constance

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Powerful Hydrotherapy Meets Green Energy Efficency

Take a moment to immerse in total relaxation with one of our most enery efficent hot tubs. That’s what happens when a Constance™ spa becomes a part of your life.

Save on Energy with one of Sundance Spas most green friendly and energy efficent hot tubs. The Constance™ spa comfortable seats up to 6 adults, and features all of the luxury and hydrotherepy benifits you have come to expect with a Sundance Spa. The Constance™ spa features a beautiful cabinatry finish which eliminates exposed acrylic on the top edge. Complete your backyard with a clean looking luxurious energy efficent Constance™ spa.

Spa Highlights:


Clear Ray®

  • Treats water using exclusive UV-C technology
  • No gas, chemical, or other by-products added to water
  • Neutralizes waterborne pathogens, resulting in clean, fresh, clear water


Cleaner Water

  • Based on our proven MicroClean I system, optimized for energy efficiency
  • High-flow circulation pump doubles the water turnover amount, using less energy


Exterior LED Lighting

  • Low-profile illumination for outside the spa
  • LED lighting is energy-efficient and long-lasting
  • Complemented by illuminated air controls, waterfall, and underwater lights